Stillagaumish Valley Genealogical Society

Society Management Classes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Free Society Management Classes
“How to Attract & Keep Members…..Awake”
Presenter: Donna Potter Phillips, Vice Pres, Washington State Genealogical Society
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
  • Donna has kept up to date on society membership topics and will share some old, some new and some WOW ideas for your society to use to increase your membership.
  • Signing up new members is only a start; Donna will share program ideas for your meetings that will help keep those members……
  • Donna will present some program-giving-tips for keeping members “awake” and eager to attend your society’s programs.
“The Nuts and Bolts of Society Management”
Presenter: Virginia Forney Majewski, Pres., Washington State Genealogical Society
Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
This presentation will be geared toward officers, board members or those considering running for office.
  • Attendees will learn about the different types of societies and the legal requirements of maintaining each type; Clubs, Corporations, Non-Profits, etc.
  • Attendees will learn about insurance needs and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Learn about developing policies or rules to protect the society when problems or problem makers arise.
  • Attendees will learn about how to help your Board be functional, responsible and active.
Virginia Majewski

Virginia has involved in genealogy for the past 20 years. It all started with a couple of boxes of “junk” from her grandparent’s estate. She was bitten by the genealogy bug and it became one of her life’s passions. Virginia holds a Certification in Advanced Genealogical Studies in both American Records and Methodology, from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies in Toronto, Canada. Currently, she is the President of the WA State Genealogical Society and the Clallam County Gen. Soc.. She is also a member of the Yakima Valley Gen. Society, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Ohio Gen. Society, New York Gen. Society and Polish Gen. Society.

Virginia was born in Yakima, WA, a 4th generation Washingtonian and a descendant of a Washington State Pioneer family. She is a graduate of Quincy High School in Quincy, WA and Sacred Heart School of Nursing in Spokane, WA. She is married to her husband of 30 years, Moe. She is a mother of 4 grown children and grandmother of 8, ages 17-1 . She retired from her career of 42 years as an Obstetrical Nurse in 2013. Her other life passions are quilting and travel.

Donna Potter PhillipsDonna Potter Phillips

Born the year of the Black Penny, my interest was early-on piqued with family history. Took my first beginners' class in 1974; first trip to Salt Lake in 1975; twice president of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society; presented at NGS in Portland, OR; taught classes all over the Inland Northwest and was "Mother Hen" to the Salt Lake Christmas Tour for 30 years. Is genealogy my life? Yes!