Stillagaumish Valley Genealogical Society


  • BGRG & NW African American Museum
  • Creative Memories & Forever
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Family Ancestrees- by Susan Sullivan
    Commemorate your heritage with a custom family tree poster. Family Ancestrees designs these unique and colorful posters from your research. Choose between Descendant and Pedigree styles and get your research out of the computer and on a wall where it can be celebrated! We also have 8 generation pedigree charts and DNA worksheets for easy-at-hand collection of information.
  • Granite Falls Historical Museum
  • Heritage Quest Research Library/ Bookstore
    Heritage Quest Research Library is a non-profit genealogy library and bookstore in Sumner, WA. We travel to different seminars with all types of charts, books, quick sheets, posters, software, supplies and the Flip-pal scanner. We are looking forward to showing you what is available for genealogy researchers.
  • LSquared Innovations- by Lori Lee Sauber
    The L2Scrollio by LSquared Innovations features a variety of family history charts digitally printed on archive-quality fabric attached to two self-retracting rollers. Take your data with you as an editable, lightweight, scrolling family tree. Write and erase family history data directly on the fabric in color-codes to create your Records Index. Each L2Scrollio Research Kit comes with a Travel Bag, Black and Blue Erasable Pens, and more. This is really an amazing idea for Family Reunions!
  • National Institute for Genealogical Studies
  • Origami Owl
    We have lockets that you fill with charms to tell your personal story of hobbies, interests, especially genealogy and family! We have birthstones and family trees and something for all ages and stages of life. We are a very family centered company, started by a young 14 year old and her mother!  
  • Sons of the American Revolution
  • SOS WA State Archives
  • SOS WA State Library
  • Stillaguamish Pioneer Association/ Museum
    Will have the 100 Years of Arlington,  The Great Forest by Will Werd and Postcards for sale. And information of what is going on in the museum, and our events.
  • WA State Genealogical Society