Stillagaumish Valley Genealogical Society

Our Mission

To promote an interest in genealogy through education; to instruct members in genealogical research and preservation of their own family histories; to locate, preserve and index public and private genealogical records and make them available to members and the general public; to support other genealogical libraries throughout Washington State; and to provide current updates to members and the public regarding projects and upcoming speakers and events in our bi-monthly newsletter.

Operating Year: June 2019 - May 2020

President: Ruth Caesar
Vice President: Shirley Case
Vice President of the Library: Pamela Liebelt
Secretary: Michele Cozad
Treasurer: Anne Grimm
Conference Chair: Phil Bartlow
Conference Chair: Lisa Bartlow
Education Chair: J.W. (Bill) Grant
Membership Chair: Joanne Wetmore
Newsletter Chair: Leah Liebelt
Publications Chair: Helen Eliason
Publications Chair: Sue Walde
Publicity Chair: Dana Carney
Tombstone Project Chair: Vacant
Ways & Means Chair: Michele Cozad
Website Chair: Pam Shoberg
Hospitality Chair: Dee Saunders
Hospitality Chair: Anne Grimm
Past President: Kay Crabtree
Ways & Means: Michele Cozad
Head Librarian: Pamela Liebelt
Assisstant Librarian: Annette Halvorson
Assistant Librarian: Rocky Lamb
Assistant Librarian: Eileen King
Assistant Librarian: Kellen Shoe
Assistant Librarian: Dana Carney
Assistant Librarian: Shirley Gehrig Foxe
Assistant Librarian: Dee Saunders
Assistant Librarian: Ann Curtis
Librarian: Flynn Clarke Kennedy
Librarian: Joanne Wetmore
Librarian: Ruth Caesar
Librarian: Anne Grimm
Librarian: Tami Sherrill
Librarian: Mary Buzzell
Librarian: Kay Crabtree
Librarian: Michele Cozad
Librarian: Michele Heiderer
Librarian: J.W. (Bill) Grant
Librarian: LeeRoy Kind
Librarian: Sue McNeil
Librarian: Helen Eliason
Substitute Librarian: Sue Walde
Substitute Librarian: Stephen Baylor
Substitute Librarian: Shirley Case
Substitute Librarian: Jennifer Strickland
Substitute Librarian: Leilani Wallace
Substitute Librarian: Kathy Stuehrenberg
Substitute Librarian: Erica Madsen
Chair: Joanne Wetmore
Editor: Leah Liebelt
Editor: Sue Walde
Editor: Helen Eliason
Genealogist: Jennifer Strickland
Web Maintenance: Pam Shoberg

Our Founder

The Society was founded by Marietta J. Colbern-Roth in 1985 and was incorporated as a non-profit organization one year later. It was through her efforts that a genealogical interest group met and decided to form an official Society. In 1987, Marietta was elected to serve as the first President and has maintained an active role in the society since then.

She has participated in countless research projects and has sheparded many manuscripts from the idea stage to the final publication. In addition, our annual yard sale and fund raiser was held at her home along State Highway 9 for many years. Marietta currently serves the Society as President Emeritus.