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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  MA-034 The Planters of the Commonwealth, 1620-1640 Banks, Charles Edward
View Record  WA-Snoh-1100-043.01 The Sky Valley, Vol. 1 Messenger Publishing
View Record  WA-Kitt-015 "A Journey with Roy Mayo" to the Historical Mining Areas of Washington State, Liberty and Blewett Mayo, Roy F.
View Record  IN-011 "We The People", Indiana and the US Constitution Indiana Historical Society
View Record  NY-087 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813 -1850 Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  NY-089 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York 1800-1850 Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  NY-088 10.000 Vital Records of Eastern New York 1777-1834 Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  KS-015 100 Cemeteries and Burial Sites in Linn County Kansas Linn County Historical Society
View Record  PA-062 100 Years at Warrington, York County PA Quakers Marriages, Removals, Births and Deaths Walmer, Margaret B, Compiler
View Record  ND-032 100 Years of Faith, Saint Anthony's Catholic Church, 1897-1997 Ziniel, Elfreda
View Record  WA-SanJ-013 125 Years Olga, Memories and Potlucks O'Neill, Irene Barfoot
View Record  IL-002 125th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Rogers, Robert M
View Record  MO-031 1300 "Missing" Missouri Marriage Records, 1812-1853 Wilson, Wilson & Stanley
View Record  PA-090 14 Cemeteries Westmoreland County (Pennsylvania) Fischer, Della (Reagan)
View Record  WA-Snoh-1300-Lowe-001 150 Years of Lowell History Redfield, Karen E. and Gail Chism
View Record  R-999-008.VA-03B 1623-1666 Early Virginia Immigrants Stemmons Publishing & Greer
View Record  R-999-004.MAW-06 1642 - 1892 Legends of Woburn Stemmons Publishing
View Record  R-999-009.VAW-01A 1653-1912 Westmoreland County Virginia Parts I And II A Short Chapter and Bright Day in Its History Stemmons Publishing
View Record  PA-058 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware Craig, Peter Stebbins, J D
View Record  R-999-002.CT-05 1737-1747 Diary of Rev Daniel Wadsworth Seventh Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Hartford Stemmons Publishing & Walker
View Record  TN-033 1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements Fulcher, Richard Carlton
View Record  R-710-030 1776 McCullough, David
View Record  MD-027 1776 Census of Maryland Carothers, Bette Stirling
View Record  PA-045 1783 Tax Lists and the 1790 Federal Census for Washington County, Pennsylvania Zinsser, Katherine K & Bell, Raymond, Compilers
View Record  VA-057.0001 1787 Census of Virginia, Pages 1-784, Volume 1 Schreiner-Yantisi, Netti & Love, Florence (Speakman), Compilers
View Record  VA-057.0003 1787 Census of Virginia, Index, Volume 3 Schreiner-Yantisi, Netti & Love, Florence (Speakman), Compilers
View Record  VA-057.0002 1787 Census of Virginia, Pages 785-1482, Volume 2 Schreiner-Yantisi, Netti & Love, Florence (Speakman), Compilers
View Record  NH-005 1790 Federal Census of New Hampshire General Publishing Company, Inc
View Record  PA-051 1790 Federal Census of Pennsylvania, First Census of the United States 1790, Pennsylvania General Publishing Company Inc
View Record  NC-017 1790 North Carolina Census Genealogical Publishing Company
View Record  SC-015 1790 South Carolina Census Genealogical Publishing Co.
View Record  R-800-002 17th Century Colonial Ancestors of Members of the National Society Colonial Dames Hutton, Mary Louise (Marshall)
View Record  WA-097 18 Men and a Horse Clark, David H.
View Record  SC-022 1800 Census of Pendleton District, South Carolina US Government
View Record  TN-046 1830 Census Middle Tennessee Sistler, Byron
View Record  MI-021 1830 Federal Census: Territory of Michigan and a Guide to Ancestral Trails in Michigan Kellogg, Lucy Mary
View Record  IL-056 1835 Tax List, Sangamon County Illinois Thomas, Marilyn W and Hazelmae T Temple
View Record  IL-096 1840 Census of Greene County, Illinois King, George B; Greene County Illinois Historical and Genealogical Society
View Record  TN-047 1840 Census-Tennessee Sistler, Byron & Barbara
View Record  MO-078 1850 and 1860 Census of Henry County, Missouri No author
View Record  NY-096 1850 Census Index Westchester County, New York Kent, David L. and David A. Baskin, John C. Barron
View Record  IL-051 1850 Census of Fulton County Illinois Fulton County Historical and Genealogical Society
View Record  IL-139 1850 Census of Kendall County, Illinois Richard, Bernice C. comp
View Record  CA-044 1850 Census, San Luis Obispo County California San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society, Inc.
View Record  TN-048 1850 Census- Tennessee, Vol 1 Sistler, Byron and Barbara
View Record  VA-082 1850 Census: Annotated, Carroll County Virginia Alderman, John P
View Record  MO-097 1850 Federal Census for Clay County Missouri Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather
View Record  MO-092 1850 Federal Census for Newton County Missouri Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather
View Record  MO-093 1850 Federal Census for Ray County Missouri Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather
View Record  MO-105 1850 Federal Census of Dade County Missouri Dade County Missouri Historical Society
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Records: 1 to 50 of 8597